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The European Commission published on 15th June 2016 new interpretative guidelines towards applicable regulation on air passengers rights. Some recommendations are fully in line with remarks submitted by our organization. Firstly, there is no limit to lodge a complaint by a passenger in any official EU language. For example, to any airline flying from / to Poland a passenger has the right to write a complaint in Polish! Secondly, the air carrier should respond to the complaint within two months. This is a result of presentation of the report made by the Friendly Flying on execution of air passengers rights in 2015, followed by months of our engagement in work at the European level. We thank all who signed our petitions and supported us in various ways. It led us to strengthen air passenger rights in EU. Together we can do more!


Upgrade your flight!


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Passenger Friendly Airline for 2015


As a result of our monitoring of air travel services and handling out-of-court resolution, we have decided to introduce for the first time in 2015 the title of “Passenger Friendly Airline”. We have examined the way the airlines manage the relations with their passengers in case of complaints are received and especially to make sure whether the process is run in dialogue with passengers. The goal of such title is to enhance quality standards and good practices within customer relations, and support introduction of new model for Alternative Dispute Resolution in the European Union, including aviation sector. We are pleased to announce the title in 2015 goes to Ryanair!

Friendly Airline 2015


Out-of-court redress


Since July, air passengers have submitted more than 25 requests for out-of-court resolution (ADR) to us. Most of the complaints were related to delayed flights and lost luggage. More than half of finally conducted proceedings has resulted in conclusion of the agreements. In 80% of cases, the passengers have been awarded financial compensation. The amounts varied between EUR50 – EUR600 depending on the sort of travel disruption and its circumstances. In the case of the granting of compensation, 100% of the amount is transferred to the bank account of the passenger.

So far there are five airlines, which participate to our ADR. It is extremely valuable, the average time of resolving the dispute lasts two – three weeks from the moment the request is sent by the passenger to a mediator/conciliator. Adding time needed for transfer of the compensation to the passenger’s bank account, usually the case terminates within two months. The costs of ADR have been financed from the grant.



Our conference in Warsaw- ‘Airline Passenger...


On 16 April 2015 Friendly Flying held a conference on ‘Airline Passengers Rights in Practice’. Almost 100 guests attended. The meeting was divided into four panels :






1. Report from our Monitoring and Research.

2. ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution – new law to be implemented in EU in summer 2015

3. Practical use of passengers rights – workshop

4. Passengers rights from legal point of view.


Presentations evoked discussions and many questions were asked. Now we are sure that there is much to be done in the area of rights for airline passengers and we also see that there are many people and quite a few institutions we can count on when it comes to passengers rights and ‘activity in action’.




Conference in Budapest





First Brussels, then Budapest. Friendly Flying flew to Brsussels in December 2014 to attend a cenference organized by EPF – European Passnegers Federation (we are a member of this organization). In March 2015 we also took part in the summit prepared by EPF – this time we also had the chance to present the results of our research that we had  conducted last year. You can find our presentation in the link below.



Over 100 institutions replied during our research




Over 100 Polish public institutions, which help airline passengers in case there are any disputes between the carrier and the passenger, responded to our questions during our sociological research. We expected to obtain approx. 50 replies from the entities that were given our questionnaires about the executing of passengers’ rights in Poland. However we were sent back twice as many answers in a month.  We should stress that there were many replies from the city and district spokesmen for consumer rights. Thanks to the information we have gathered, passengers will be able to claim their rights more effectively.



Surveys – what do we want …


Surveys conducted among the airline passengers are  about to end. This activity is one of the elements of our project called ‘Airline passengers rights enforcement monitoring’, which we execute in frames of the program called Citizens for Democracy from the funds of EOG. Below we attach the questionnaire which was filled out by the passengers travelling to the airport or the ones coming back from their journey.



Ankieta PL




Delayed flight? Demand your rights!


Check your rights in case of delayed flight. See our infographic and be always prepared for such situation




Survey among the airline passengers


We started our sociological research in July. Our pollsters went into the city. You could find them in places where there is actually a chance to meet airline passengers. Our questions refer to the knowledge of rights  and problems with enforcing what should be offered or paid. We also ask what the passengers suggest should be done in order to improve the situation.



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