Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)



We are acting in favor of ADR implementation in airline travels in order to enforce passengers rights  more effectively.  Here attached presentation prepared and delivered  by our Head of Association’s Supervisory Board during the air law conference in Rzeszów in April 2014.


You could try ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution...




The conclusions that come from recent social research regarding ADR in Poland, ordered by Office for Protection of Competition and Consumers, encourage to use this kind of way of solving arguments on a wide scale. 71% of customers state that they feel being taken care of by the company if it agrees to handle the dispute amicably. It is assessed that the number of cases will double in the next five years and it will amount up to 45 thousand annually. The greatest advantages of ADR for Clients, as well as for the companies are:


  1. Promptness
  2. Least of formalities
  3. Low costs
  4. Effectiveness
  5. Impartiality
  6. Flexibility
  7. No publicity
  8. System based solutions.



Monitoring of passengers rights enforcement


We are conducting the project called ‘Monitoring of passegers rights enforcement’ in Poland. These activities are realized in the project for the non-governmental organizations – Citizens for Democracy, financed by the European Economic Area.

The poject is for the airline passengers, especially people who travel rarely, individually or with families and who are not familiar with their rights. This enterprise is to assess the situation of  passenger rights execution by the institutions and to facilitate the communication between the key participants (through the internet), development of the Alternative Dispute Resoluton (ADR) and increase the awareness in the civic society.


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