Friendly Flying in European Parliament

mla parlament

Friendly Flying, as a member of European Passenger Federation (EPF), took part in an European Parliament Hearing. The meeting was held on the 4th of May in Brussels and organized by the European Technology & Travel Services Association (ETTSA). Three Members of Parliament were listening to consumer and travel operator experts. Approximately 50 guests in the audience had a chance to listen to the panelists discuss problems like airline passengers’ rights, transparency in airline business, consolidation, mergers and their implications, as well as news from the field – what do the consumers/passengers need, what problems do they have, how should we help them and how to facilitate the enforcement of the existing and new-coming regulations.

The parliament members seemed very much interested in the presented opinions and recommendations. Friendly Flying will be present in Brussels until the end of this year in order to talk and  bring changes to the enforcement of passengers’ rights, push the execution of airlines’ duties to inform passengers on their rights, influence the strategy decisions and make air travel business more friendly to all consumers and passengers.


Keep your fingers crossed ! :)


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