Monitoring of passenger claims

What is our role within monitoring of passenger claims?

As the only non-governmental and independent body in European Union, we monitor compliance with the passengers rights by airlines and airports. We provide air passengers with a free access to complimentary system of registering cases and claims. This system is available on our web page. Registration takes only a few minutes and our monitoring is run within the terms and conditions.

Each passenger can share the opinion, experience or report a problem on the air travel. We advice and provide the information about air passenger rights. Our Watchdog helps the passengers in getting their compensation and also finds solutions which are not costly to the passengers. We are specially support ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution and we opt for solving problems based on out-of-court methods e.g.  mediation.

We would like the air passengers to be aware of their rights as we are convinced it has an impact on sustainable growth of air travel industry and increase the quality of air services in EU.