About us

The mission of the Air Passenger Watchdog ‘Friendly Flying’ is to protect the passengers, help them in execution of consumers’ rights and change the quality of traveling. Through on-line monitoring of air passengers’ complaints and claims in EU our association wants to provide:

–  advantageous and transparent terms of agreements for airline passengers.

– reliable service for passengers, including the observance of passengers’ rights.

– application of good practices by the participants of the market, including the popularization of technological achievements and high     standards of safety in civil aviation.

– increase of passengers satisfaction.

The association is a member of the European Passenger Federation (EPF).




Air Passenger Watchdog Organization ‘Friendly Flying’ takes following key values in all aspects of its activities. These values drive our internal code of conduct.

Engagement and professionalism – commitment to our mission is our strength. Involvement comes together with professionalism in achieving our goals.

Trust and respect – our organizational culture bases on mutual trust through respect, transparency and responsibility in communication.

Human progress – our organization attracts, inspires and strengthens our members, as well as collaborators and supporters in order to achieve our common goals. We appreciate people who work for the organization and we are trying to increase the potential of every person. The duties are divided according to skills and human potential.



Knowledge sharing – we stimulate the exchange of knowledge, mutual learning and open access to information.

Focusing on change – we are focusing on results and activity … not on the problems.

Innovation – we  encourage people to develop and enable them to take risk and learn from their own mistakes.


The Association operates based on the standards of NGOs and rules for WATCHDOG organizations.