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Katarzyna Martynowicz

President of the Board

One of this Association’s founders. Worked at the Warsaw airport and in a travel agency (as a ticketing cashier) so she knows how this branch operates from institution’s  as well as passenger’s perspective.

Complicated procedures, documents, services and passengers’ rights are no mystery for her. Irreplaceable in customer service, especially in crisis situations requiring effective actions.

She has been working as a translator and an English tutor for almost 20 years, so the need of comprehensive communication is a priority for her. She likes to travel around the world and is convinced that flying can be ‘friendly’.

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Anna Wąsik

Board Member

One of this Association’s founders. Social leader in Warsaw’s Praga district. Judicial mediator. Prized with the   ‘People without Barriers’ Audience Award  in 2011 for overcoming her own weaknesses and helping others. She became a role model for the disabled. Currently strongly involved in parliamentary works over the change of law that would improve the quality of life for the hearing-impared people.

She wields following functions:

Secretary of the Board in the  Friends of Warsaw Association – Praga Branch.

Member of the Mazovian Region Convent of Young Democrats Association.


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Aneta Prusinowska

Board Member

One of Association’s founder. From year 2000 worked for the tourist branch – head of the travel agency and specialist for the customer service. She also knows everything about selling airline tickets. She dealt with the customer service for the Czech Airlines and Brussels Airlines at Cracow and Warsaw airports.

Additionally she works as an interpreter from Czech language. Aneta finished her course in economic  mediations. She is on the list of Economic Mediators Association. She cannot wait for the airlines to choose the ‘friendly’ way of solving disputes.



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Wnuk Agata

Agata Wnuk

Board Member

She has been working with NGOs for a few years, helping to make the projects happen. From 2013 involved in the devlopment of our organization. Agata is responsible for correct formalities and course of our functioning.

She is the advisor for the establishment of social cooperatives and making of business plans. Thanks to her analytic mind our budget and formal side of operating are under control.


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Piotr Ilasiewicz

Board Member

One of Association’s founder. He started working at the airports in year 1990 and works in the air travel industry until now. He has become the expert for airline tickets, but also knew how to conduct the check-in procedure, watch over the arrival and departure of private charter flights or manage 250 passengers of a suddelny cancelled flight. As the representative of many different airlines he knows this business from the level of the airline cashier as well as from the positon of the director of a particular Airline for Poland. In his free time he likes to do sport shooting (instructor), dive and obviously travel.

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