Out-of-court redress

Since July, air passengers have submitted more than 25 requests for out-of-court resolution (ADR) to us. Most of the complaints were related to delayed flights and lost luggage. More than half of finally conducted proceedings has resulted in conclusion of the agreements. In 80% of cases, the passengers have been awarded financial compensation. The amounts varied between EUR50 – EUR600 depending on the sort of travel disruption and its circumstances. In the case of the granting of compensation, 100% of the amount is transferred to the bank account of the passenger.

So far there are five airlines, which participate to our ADR. It is extremely valuable, the average time of resolving the dispute lasts two – three weeks from the moment the request is sent by the passenger to a mediator/conciliator. Adding time needed for transfer of the compensation to the passenger’s bank account, usually the case terminates within two months. The costs of ADR have been financed from the grant.


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