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The legroom for air passengers is shrinking, now. For passengers, who look for more comfort during the flight, there is a good news. The solution has been recently available. The innovative product named Spacerseat (invented by a Pole). Thanks to the solution you can increase space for your knees with an additional 5 cm, and the legroom for an additional 14 cm. And the passenger experience during the flight becomes much more comfortable. The Spacerseat can be taken as hand luggage. You can provide yourself a comfortable legroom once and for ever. Without having to pay additional fees for choice of seating arrangement or purchase more expensive tickets in the upper class cabin, for example “Premium Economy”. The donors and members of our association can benefit from a discounted coupons of 15 Euro, while buying Spacerseat on-line. If you wish to receive a coupon, you will need to register and send us a message via the Friendly Flying online system. Enjoy a more comfortable seating in the plane with Spacerseat!

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